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We are a team of IT professionals with 60+ years of combined experience working in the computer industry.

We are a large squad spread around the globe but have one passion – computers and the newest technology surrounding them.

That’s right – we’re geeks, nerds, and technophiles to the bone. Some might even call us tech junkies. And we’re loving it!

But hey, we still have social lives and love movies, pizza and a refreshing night out.

Some of us even have families.

So, who’s behind Maximum Tech?

Meet The Founders

asen, founder of maximum tech

Asen Stoyanchev

Founder | Content Manager

Asen is a former Microsoft Certified Support engineer turned blogger. During his more than a decade-long IT career, Asen has worked on various projects, supporting, administering, and implementing On-Premise and Cloud-based infrastructures for large international companies such as Concentrix, Sutherland, and HP.

Sidrah Ramzan

Chief Editor | Writer

A computer scientist by qualification, Sidrah is also a Google and Hubspot-certified content writer specializing in creating research-based hardware and software reviews. Sidrah is also a world-class tech copywriter that’s well-established in the industry. She makes sure that the content on the website is nothing but pure gold.

Maximum Tech also has tens of others contributing writers around the globe each of them sharing their knowledge of technology to help us create outstanding content that our readers love.

In The Press

How Will You Benefit From This Website?

No matter if you are a computer or tech professional or just an enthusiast who loves PCs, we believe you’ll find great value in Maximum Tech.

On our website you will find hundreds of articles related but not limited to:

  • PC news and guides including buying help, customization, knowledge base, and various useful troubleshooting tutorials
  • PC maintenance and monitoring
  • Diligently researched and meticulously crafted product reviews and buying guides
  • Valuable “How-To” articles related to different PC components such as CPU, GPU, RAM, and peripherals.

Our Mission

We work hard to become the ultimate PC and tech resource on the world wide web.

Our goal as computer geeks is to share our knowledge in order to help our readers learn insightful information and solve their PC issues.

This is a work in progress and we continually expand and update our knowledge and skills to be able to serve our audience the best way possible.

How We Review Products

At Maximum Tech, you will find a myriad of industry-related product reviews.

We take product reviews and recommendations more seriously than a heart attack.

Here’s the process we use to build honest, accurate, and trustworthy product reviews:

  • We are buried in PCs, so we test most products ourselves anyway and share our findings
  • We invest tens of hours each week to do intensive research that includes reading buyer reviews, inspecting specifications, and communicating with manufacturers
  • We ask fellow colleagues and friends about their experience using the products no matter if it’s a CPU cooler, RAM, GPU or the latest motherboard from Intel.

In addition, we realize that the IT industry is wildly ever-changing.

That is why we strive to update our knowledge as frequently as our articles and product reviews.

But You Take Affiliate Commissions, Right?


Maximum-Tech is reader-supported. As stated on our website, we may receive commissions for the products we recommend. Money is required to maintain and grow this website.

However, this doesn’t impact our fair judgment. We only promote products that we have diligently investigated and believe provide real value to you.

With that being said, we will also tell you if a GPU is crap and we also reveal all the things we don’t like about any given product.

How To Get In Touch?

We love interacting with our readers, while building a friendly community around.

Heck, it makes sense given the fact that we’re all PC junkies, right?

So, don’t be shy and drop us a line at any time! Give us a suggestion, an idea, provide us with some topics you’d like us to cover and tell us how we do. We will reply within 24 hours and that’s a promise!

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A Heartfelt Thank you


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See you around!

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The Maximum Tech team