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Is “GameRanger” Safe From Viruses And Spyware? [2022]

If you are thinking about playing “Game Ranger” and are confused due to the various opinions about this game, we are here to provide a complete answer.

No doubt, Game Ranger is the longest-running game, and its features are just mesmerizing, but still, it comes with a few risks. 

Coming to the most intriguing question – Is Gameranger Safe? 

Yes, Gameranger is safe from viruses and spyware if you download it from the official website. Extra care is to be taken to ensure that the gameranger.exe file is installed in the correct path to eliminate viruses or spyware.

In this article, we have explained everything you need to know about Game Ranger and whether the game is really safe or not.

Let’s begin.


What Is Game Ranger?

Game Ranger is a free downloadable for Windows and Mac that comes with over 700 games (including the popular Minecraft) and provides you with a virtual environment to play them all.

You can say Game Ranger is a VPN for playing your favorite games on your PC. This is how “Game Ranger” works.

The Game Ranger is not limited to just one genre of games , but also provides you with attaching a wire to your PC to play multiple-player games as well.

You can also enjoy the games which show battles too. Not only that, but you can switch between various modes and play differently.  

Check out the informative video below to learn more how Game Ranger works:

The best part is that you can play with your friends through this game platform, and it also provides a feature of instant messaging to build friendships.

This platform shows more than 700 games, including the most famous “The Art of Magic and Outwars.” 

Features of Game Ranger

If we talk about the features of this game, then you will be amazed by its unique features. This gaming platform facilitates playing the best games and has a messaging feature too.

It gives you an option to create a game ranger id and add friends to your profile by sending them an invitation request. 

Many other games give that messaging option, but Game Ranger also has a voice messaging technology. The communication methods of this gaming platform are not limited.

The best part is that it gives you all the features for free, and you do not need to buy a premium package for playing this game. 

The free package allows you to make at least 50 friends and enjoy all the services of this platform. This indicates how user-friendly this gaming platform is!

How Good Is Game Ranger?

If we talk about whether Game Ranger is good to play or does it provide a safe play environment, we will recommend understanding it carefully first. There are always two opinions about this game platform. 

The ability to play over 700 games in a virtual environment, talking with friends, building new relationships, and enjoying all this for free are nothing but just amazing.

Many people stand with this opinion due to the features it provides. 

On the other hand, you will find out many people on the Game Ranger forums asking you to delete this game as soon as possible because it is malware or spam. 

For example, some people reported an issue related to the impossibility of using their web browser after installing Game Ranger. They consider it a virus running by hackers just to hack the PC. 

We will be discussing how you can know if your Game Ranger is a virus and spyware on your PC in the next section. 

Is Gameranger Still Active?

Game Ranger is still active, with over 6 million registered users

You can easily install a free version on your PC. It has all needed features.

Facts say that Game Ranger outnumbers all other games when it comes to the highest running games in the world. With Game Ranger, you can easily play your favorite games with your friends online. 

Is Gameranger Legal?

Game Ranger is completely legal, even though some users complain that it causes PC errors.

Is Gameranger Legal

The service of Game Ranger is all regulated and downloading and using Game Ranger is not against any law.

What Is a GameRanger.exe File?

Before discussing whether the Game Ranger is a virus or not, let’s discuss what a Game Ranger executable file is. The “exe” file is the most important file for detecting viruses in programs and applications. 

When you install the Game Ranger platform from “GameRanger Technologies”, it starts downloading along with an executable file known as “GameRanger.exe”.

Virus hits this file, and this executable file uses your GPU and CPU

That’s the reason you always have to go through several steps before uninstalling this gaming software. The virus makes this file run in the background all the time.

Remember, viruses and spyware spread mainly through executable files, and it is always necessary to check these files after downloading them. 

Now the question arises of knowing if Game Ranger is a virus or a spyware.

Is GameRanger Safe From Viruses And Spyware?

You have to go through several steps in order to determine whether Game Ranger is virus-free or not.

Let’s explore them below.

is game ranger really safe from viruses

Check Default Location 

You must have noticed that whenever you download a game on your PC, you always see the exact default location of its executable file that happens to be in your C drive

So, when you download Game Ranger, the first thing to notice is where it is downloading on your PC. The games that by default do not download in C drive contain the most viruses and spyware. 

Step 1. Check from Task Manager

When you open Task Manager, you get to see about the running programs at the moment. Why not add a field here which can keep you aware of the location of the running programs as well? You can easily do it. 

Task Manager

Just add a new field in your Task Manager by selecting the fields and setting the type of the new field as “Image Path Name” or “File Path Name”. You can randomly check the location of every running task here. 

Suppose you suspect that the path shown in Task Manager is strange, then that program can be a virus or a spyware.

In this way, you can easily check if Game Ranger is safe from viruses and spyware on your PC. There are many methods to scan all through the files, get the virus details and eliminate them.

Step 2. Check from Microsoft Process Explorer

If you tried making a field in your Task Manager but could not get the required results, then you can also check your Game Ranger through this method.

Every PC comes up with an already installed “Microsoft Process Explorer.” 

Microsoft Process Explorer

You can download it from here. Then just go to the search bar and open this program. This process explorer will find that all the processes have viruses and are destroying your PC’s performance.

If that’s the case, of course. This will also show Game Ranger if it has a virus and spyware. You will find an option called “Check Legends.” 

Just mark it as activated and then reach out to the “View” section. From this section, select all the columns and add a new field, “Verified Signer.”

When you run a program, the status of your programs comes under the “Verified Signer” field. 

You may find the status of a program that is “Unable to Verify.” That’s when you need to check the program for viruses and spyware. Remember, all the processes with viruses show up with this status. 

If you have found Game Ranger with the status showing as “Unable to Verify”, delete it immediately.

Match Your Findings with Accurate Information

Let’s do some further investigations.

Following is an essential piece of information that helps verify the executable file of Game Ranger for viruses and spyware. 

Publisher of Game RangerGame Ranger Technologies
Location in PCC:\users\user\appdata\Roaming\GameRanger\GameRanger
URL of
Exact Size of Game Ranger3.07 MegaBytes on Windows Operating System.
Absolute Path of Game RangerC:\users\user\appdata\roaming\gameranger\gameranger\gameranger.exe
Support or Help

Now open the folder of Game Ranger on your PC. If you do not find the location of Game Ranger, just right-click on the taskbar and open Task Manager.

You will see a new field that you added above to see the location of your game. 

Just go to the exact location and match all the information with the information mentioned earlier. If the information is similar, you do not need to uninstall it. Use it and have fun.

Have An Antivirus Program At Hand

If you see a problem with the information, it’s highly likely that Game Ranger has a virus and spyware. You need to eliminate it as soon as possible.

Antivirus Program

Otherwise, the situation will worsen. For that, download a reliable antivirus program on your PC. 

I recommend using “Malwarebytes” as this antivirus solution is super efficient. There are many types of viruses and spyware, but this antivirus program can detect them all and securely clean your PC.

Go through the advanced scanning option and follow the steps diligently.

Error on Deletion

Sometimes, you try to uninstall or just delete the Game Ranger from your PC, but the virus and the spyware do not let you delete the game. That’s why we always recommend scanning the PC in Safe mode.

You will find this option while scanning the PC with a choice of “Safe Mode with Networking.” This feature will run only the required device drivers and services and not let the virus interrupt the procedure.

You can easily undergo a complete analysis of your PC via this option.

When You Shouldn’t Run Game Ranger And Why

Following are the few scenarios you may encounter when Game Ranger is installed on your PC. If you go through any of these, you need to uninstall this game.

#1 An Unknown Program Is Installed

If you have installed Game Ranger, and now you notice unexpected programs running on your PC or different programs are getting installed on your PC on their own, this is a serious indication that your PC is infected.

Over time, viruses cause more destruction, and that’s why you need to consider uninstalling Game Ranger as soon as possible.

#2 Can’t open required Programs

There are chances that you have installed Game Ranger, and after that, you can not open the web browser or any other program.

This, too, indicates the presence of a virus in your PC. Try uninstalling Game Ranger immediately. 

We have come up with some safe steps for uninstalling this game from your PC. Let’s see them.

How To Remove or Uninstall GameRanger.exe

If you have detected that the Game Ranger installed on your PC is faulty, then it’s time to delete it. Go through the following steps to perform a safe deletion operation. 

  1. When you install Game Ranger, you usually have an uninstallation “exe” file associated with the installation folder. So to uninstall Game Ranger, just go to the uninstaller and run it.
  2. If you got this Game Ranger installed using a Windows Installer, search “System Settings” in the search bar. You will see an option of “Add or Remove Program.”
  3. Scroll down, and you will see GameRanger.exe there.
  4. To uninstall it, right-click on it. An option of “Uninstall Program” will appear. Just hit this button, and the executable file of this game will get deleted.
How To Remove or Uninstall GameRanger
Image via: uninstallhelps


Does GameRanger support Minecraft?

Yes, Game Ranger supports Minecraft. The game ranger allows you to play games in a virtual environment, but it also allows you to play the games on your PC as well. This can happen by just connecting with the server, and Minecraft can, too, be played this way or must be added to the list of Game Ranger.

What is GameRanger used for?

Game Ranger comes with many games and gives you a virtual environment to play them all. The Game Ranger is not limited to just one genre of games , but also provides you with attaching a wire to your PC to play multiple-player games as well.

Can I delete GameRanger?

Yes, you can easily uninstall Game Ranger by using the uninstallation executable or by going to “Add Or Remove Programs” on your PC and choose to uninstall it.

Is GameRanger still active?

With some excellent features and over 650 games, this gaming platform is still active as of 2022. 

Final Verdict 

Every game has two opinions associated with it. There are chances that you download GameRanger and luckily never come across any error or virus.

But for some people, the virus can cause their system colossal trouble. 

The system varies and so do the outcomes. In general, Game Ranger is completely safe if you download it from the original website of the manufacturer.

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