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Is Fortnite CPU Or GPU Heavy In 2022? [A Definitive Guide]

Is Fortnite CPU or GPU heavy? It’s heavy on both components, but the CPU takes more of the strain. This is because Fortnite renders multiple objects in a small area, requiring high processing power. 

Fortnite’s graphics engine is not as good as expected, making its performance and FPS quite low. Because of this, the GPU isn’t placed under high demand, and it’s less important than the CPU.

But, it’s still crucial to have a decent GPU. The game will still rely on it for graphics, especially in later stages where there is a lot of in-game construction. 

If your GPU or CPU isn’t powerful enough, the game will lag during these crucial stages and affect your ability to compete with other players.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the specifics about this so that you can judge if your components are suitable.

Let’s get into it!


Does Fortnite Use CPU?

Yes, like every PC application, it does. But for a video game like Fortnite, it’s used more than for more basic applications.

fortnite game

This is because a game is more complex than a program like a word processor or web browser. 

Is Fortnite CPU Or GPU Heavy?

Fortnite gets affected by the performance of the CPU and the GPU. The CPU handles instructions, but the GPU handles rendering graphics. Fortnite cannot function without either of these components. 

The CPU ensures the game runs well and actions get completed as expected. The GPU ensures the visual elements are of good quality even at high resolutions.

Is Fortnite CPU Intensive Or GPU Intensive? 

The intensity of the demand placed on the CPU and GPU by Fortnite varies based on the tasks getting performed.

The CPU will be in constant use because the game will rely on it for the resources to complete calculations. 

The GPU gets heavier usage nearer the end of the game. At this stage, players get confined to a smaller area and rely on constructing towers to battle each other.

This means much more visual activity and greater demand on the GPU.

Does Fortnite Rely More On CPU Or GPU?

Fortnite relies more on the CPU. The CPU plays an essential role in every functioning computer system. It’s the computer’s brain, so all applications will rely on it, no matter how complex they are. 

Does Fortnite Rely More On CPU Or GPU

Fortnite also lacks high-quality visuals, which means the GPU has less work to do until the end of the game, when lots more rendering takes place. 

If you want to assess how much CPU resources get allocated to Fortnite, use Task Manager. On Windows, click Start, then Run, and type taskmgr.exe. 

Then look at the applications list and find Fortnite. It will show you the CPU resources allocated to it as a percentage of total system usage.

On Mac, press the Cmd, Alt, and Esc keys together to bring up the same information.

Is Fortnite GPU Or CPU Dependent?

Fortnite depends on the CPU and GPU, but the GPU doesn’t play a role until later in the game. This is because there are more activities requiring graphical processing. 

Fortnite manages the way it uses CPU resources, and these tend to be in higher demand when there is light combat in the game.

More calculations happen at these times as more players share the same location.

Is Fortnite Graphic Intensive?

No, it’s not. Fortnite is not known for being a demanding game from a visual perspective. It requires a decent GPU that can render most modern games. 

March 28, 2021, Brazil. In this photo illustration the Fortnite logo is seen on a smartphone and a pc screen.

Mid-range computers made in the last few years will fit the requirements, so you shouldn’t get concerned if you don’t have a high-end gaming rig.

How Important Is GPU For Fortnite?

The computer’s GPU will send video output to the screen, which results in a particular FPS rate.

This makes the GPU vital for running Fortnite, as without it the visuals would not appear. But the FPS rate also gets influenced by the video game itself. 

Some say Fortnite is poorly coded or uses an old graphics engine. This means the FPS may be low even if the GPU is good.

In my experience, the game’s performance remains constant if you have a suitable GPU and CPU.

Does Fortnite Need A GPU? 

Yes, it does. This is true of all video games, which won’t work without either integrated graphics or a dedicated GPU.

The GPU comes in handy when rendering detailed visual elements in the game, and without it, this wouldn’t be possible.

Is Fortnite CPU Intensive?

Yes, it can be. But it depends on what stage of the game the player is at and how many are in the same game.

Teenager playing Fortnite video game on PC

Larger maps with more players will place a higher demand on each player’s CPU. Smaller maps with fewer players will do the opposite. 

But in both situations, the CPU will see a higher demand because more construction takes place, and the game moves faster.

There are some general steps you can take to reduce CPU usage if you feel it’s necessary.

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Is Fortnite A Heavy CPU Game? 

It can be, depending on the scenarios occurring in-game. Anywhere with greater player activity and more interactions will make more CPU use.

It’s required to perform complex calculations that enable and assist the game’s functioning. 

An example would include instructing the RAM to store information about the current map the player is on. This ensures the game runs smoothly during the progression of each level the player works through.

Does Fortnite Need A Better CPU Or GPU? 

If you’re torn between choosing a better CPU or GPU, you should opt for the CPU if you’re playing Fortnite.

The CPU gets used more, and you’ll find that in-game performance gets improved more by the CPU than by the GPU. 

Fortnite Need A Better CPU Or GPU

You may need to increase the priority assigned to Fortnite by the operating system. This gets done from the Task Manager on a Windows machine or from Activity Control on a Mac.

You can access these using Ctrl + Alt + Delete on Windows or Cmd + Alt + Esc on a Mac. 

You can then right-click or double-click on Fortnite in the applications list to reveal a dropdown menu. This will have an option for changing the priority of the game.

Is Fortnite A CPU or GPU Based Game?

Fortnite is a CPU-based game because it always relies on this component more than it relies on the GPU.

If it were a GPU-based game, the visuals in the game would be much more appealing and commented on. Instead, they make the game fun but without featuring intricate details.

What Is A Good CPU For Fortnite?

Beyond the Epic Games minimum and recommended requirements, you can choose any other AMD Ryzen 5 or Ryzen 7 models or any Intel Core i5 or i7 models. 

Vilnius, Lithuania - November 12, 2018: Boy playing Fortnite. Fortnite is online video game developed by Epic Games

All these will run Fortnite smoothly. But if you’re tempted to pick Ryzen 9 or Core i9 model, we’d recommend you don’t. These processors are too costly and high-end for Fortnite.

Choosing a CPU is a big decision for other reasons too. It will affect the performance of all applications on your computer, so should be done with this in mind. 

Check out some awesome CPUs here and also here.

Does CPU Affect Fortnite FPS?

We’ve found that it can, yes. If your CPU is too slow for what Fortnite requires, then you’ll find your system will have trouble running the game smoothly. This will reduce the game’s frame rate and lead you to experience lag. 

If you suspect your CPU is too poor to run Fortnite, you should choose a faster processor. 

We found this video about improving the frame rate, which we think you’ll find helpful:

How Much FPS Do You Need For Fortnite?

In most cases, 60 FPS will be suitable for Fortnite players. But if you’re part of a competitive gaming tournament, 144 FPS is better because it gives slightly faster response times.

You’ll need a specialist gaming screen at a frame rate this high, which is why 60 FPS is often better. 

What PC Specs Do I Need For Fortnite? 

Minimum requirements for a Windows machine are Windows 10, Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics, Intel Core i3-3225 CPU, and 4GB RAM. For a Mac, it’s Mac OS Mojave 10.14.6 with similar components.

What PC Specs Do I Need For Fortnite 

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Is CPU Or GPU Better For Gaming?

When wondering ‘Is Fortnite CPU or GPU heavy?’, it’s tempting to specify graphics as the driving force behind a satisfying gaming experience. But the CPU has an equally important role as the computer’s brain. This means it has to be decent too. 

If you have a great GPU but a terrible CPU, the game won’t run smoothly, and the nicer graphics won’t get noticed. So, neither component is better for gaming, as they complement each other.

Is It Better To Have A Better CPU Or GPU?

It’s better to have better components, regardless of what they are. If you can upgrade the CPU or the GPU, that will improve performance. If you can upgrade both, you’ll gain even more performance benefits. 

But, you won’t notice too much from an improved GPU unless you perform tasks like video editing or live-streaming if you’re not a gamer.

Is Gaming More CPU Or GPU Intensive?

It depends on the game in question. Different games have particular CPU and GPU requirements specified in their product descriptions. These include factors like the frame rate and the resolution. 

Some games have excellent graphics, like Horizon: Zero Dawn. Others have become known for how enjoyable they are, like Fortnite. But in both cases, the CPU and GPU usage will be significant. The specific intensity of that use will vary as well. So the best answer is that gaming is both CPU and GPU intensive.

Should I Put My Money On A Better CPU Or GPU When Building A PC For Fortnite?

We’ve found a better CPU is the most appropriate option because Fortnite is more CPU-heavy. Choices other users recommend include a Ryzen 5 3600, which is a baseline CPU that can play the game at a decent level of performance. 

But this information does come from a few years ago, so we prefer to look at the recommendation of Epic Games, Fortnite’s creators. They say Fortnite needs an Intel Core i3-3225 at the least and, ideally, a Core i5-7300U. They list an AMD alternative for the latter, the AMD Ryzen 3 3300U.

Is Fortnite Arena More CPU Intensive Or GPU Intensive?

It’s more CPU-intensive, especially in its final stages. There are sometimes hundreds of structures and dozens of players. This means the CPU must perform considerable calculations at high speeds. Because the graphics on Fortnite are not very high level, this ensures GPU demand doesn’t increase significantly.

Does Giving Fortnite More CPU Increase The Performance Or Does It Only Rely On GPU?

Fortnite will enjoy greater CPU power, so it’s inaccurate to imply it only relies on the GPU. It relies on both components, but greater weight gets placed on the CPU. In some cases, 90% of CPU power gets assigned to Fortnite, while only 50% of GPU power does. 

Based on this, we’ve decided that upgrading the CPU yields better results than upgrading the GPU. But bear in mind that this is specific to Fortnite, and other games will have different usage levels.

Why Is Fortnite So CPU Intensive?

Fortnite uses a lot of CPU power because many actions take place in-game at once, especially when there are lots of players and large maps. These need a range of complex calculations every second. But the good news is Fortnite spreads CPU demand across many cores.

Why Is Fortnite Using 100% Of My CPU And GPU?

I’ve found that when a computer system has a suitable GPU and CPU combination, 100% usage gets quite common. This is not something to get concerned about because both components are working at peak efficiency. 

But if you see this happening and Fortnite isn’t running smoothly, one or both components aren’t good enough. In this case, consider upgrading the CPU rather than the GPU, as this is what Fortnite uses the most.

Can You Run Fortnite On An i5 Processor?

Yes, you can. This is one of the processor models we recommend for playing Fortnite. Even if you choose a low-ranking model from this category, you’ll still find it performs well enough to play Fortnite smoothly.

Can a GTX 1060 Run Fortnite?

Yes, it can run Fortnite, even at high settings. But if you’re playing Fortnite in Full HD, I recommend the GTX 1050 Ti instead. For higher resolutions, like 1440p, a GTX 1060 is preferable.

Is 240 FPS Good For Fortnite?

Running Fortnite at a frame rate this high would be pointless and won’t give you any benefits compared to 144 FPS. Fortnite simply isn’t fast enough to warrant such high frame rates.

What Do I Need To Run Fortnite At 144 FPS?

You’ll want to have a GTX 1060 graphics card and all the graphics settings at their highest levels. But sometimes, Fortnite will dip to lower than 50 FPS even with a decent GPU and CPU, and this can’t get changed.