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How to Use Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports?

If you are looking for the highest data streaming speed to create the best video and planning to excel from your competitors then this Dual Gigabit Ethernet port is for you.

Gone are the days when mainframes were used as the standard computing devices in our schools. These dual Gigabits Ethernet ports are the best alternatives to these mainframes with the benefit of considerably better performance. 

Gigabit ethernet is designed by IEEE and delivers a data rate of 1 billion bits per second. This amazing transmission technology works best for small local area networks (LANs) and is being used in many offices.

Not only that, but a dual gigabit ethernet helps in dividing the internet connection among many devices without even facing slow internet connectivity issues. It happens using an Ethernet splitter.

The best part is, these devices can perform their tasks at the same fast speed.


Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports: Basics?

What is a Dual Gigabit Ethernet Port?

Gigabit Ethernet helps you connect multiple computers or most commonly servers that come in a local area network (LAN). Now the question arises, why should we leave using the traditional methods and go for a Gigabit Ethernet Port. 

What purpose do they serve?

It’s because of the two fantastic features, one is cabling, and the other is its data transfer speed that makes people switch and start using dual gigabit ethernet ports. Some people are already using ethernet but for wired local servers, dual gigabit ethernet stands out from the rest of ethernet cables. 

You might know that all international standards are given by IEEE(The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers). Their standards include the standards for Ethernets, and wireless networking, etc. 

If we talk about the data transfer rates then the oldest ethernet ports are used to transfer data at 3MB per second. After some time, the data transfer rate increased up to 10MB per second. Now, these ethernets can transfer data at 1000MB or 1 GigaBit per second.

That’s the main reason why you must go for this dual ethernet Gigabit Ethernet port. If you have to send huge files routinely then this dual gigabit ethernet port will make you send your file in just a few seconds. 

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How To Use Dual Gigabit Ethernet Ports?

The major advantage of using ethernet is the increased performance and efficiency. The more you use ethernet ports, the greater will be the efficiency of your computer. 

To answer the question of how and when to use ethernet, let’s discuss different uses of dual ethernet gigabit ports.

Use 1: Increase Bandwidth

Bandwidth is used to maximize the data transfer rate through the internet. Increased bandwidth simply means more data transfer rate. 

To achieve this purpose, multiple dual gigabit ethernet ports are joined together, all sharing the same IP address and thus working as one port. This significantly increases the bandwidth.

Use 2: Managing Downtime

Many times, a server experiences downtime and it decreases the performance of a business. To deal with this issue, a dual gigabit ethernet helps a lot. It connects multiple computers to one network. 

That’s how using an ethernet makes one server able to handle downtime much more efficiently as compared to a separate network, all facing downtime at the same time.

Use 3: Share data

When many computers are connected in a local area network, dual gigabit ethernet helps in providing the best performance to share data among each other. 

It also helps many computers to access the same server and work efficiently. In technical terms, this is known as bridging.

Use 4: Connect different devices

A dual gigabit ethernet port not only helps to provide high data streaming speed but if you want to get real-time data through different sensors, cameras, and other real-time data providing devices then a dual gigabit ethernet helps a lot. 

These Ethernet ports are highly efficient and reliable for real-time data transfer.

Use 5: Support to multiple users

The benefits of using dual gigabit ethernet are not limited to the above uses but provide support to multiple users. It divides the high-speed internet into more than one task and many devices. 

A dual Ethernet switch is used to connect the Ethernet with other devices.

Use 6: Providing Network Connectivity

The advantages of a dual gigabit ethernet port are not limited as they facilitate remote applications as well. Sometimes, when a cell tower is not working or somehow can’t be used then an ethernet port can help in establishing a satellite modem, assisting in connecting the network. 

Components of Dual Gigabit Ethernet Port 

A Dual Gigabit Ethernet port comes with many components as well. A dual Ethernet Connector that helps connect your PC with the internet. Remember, these connections are way stronger than the wireless ones and are more reliable too. 

A dual Ethernet port adaptor, also known as a “Network Interface Card” is connected to a side of the ethernet motherboard and helps in accessing the LAN network.

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What is Dual Ethernet Port used for?

To attain speed, reliability, streaming video data, giving multiuser support, and less latency, you should switch from your previous ethernet to this dual gigabit ethernet port. It will reduce your waiting time and will help you by providing greater performance.

Can I have 2 Ethernet Ports? 

Yes, but a little way different. Since we know that not all modern computers come with more than one ethernet port, to connect to your other Ethernet connection, you’ll have to use a USB-to Ethernet adapter also known as a dual Ethernet Adapter.

The only thing that is needed to be considered is that the other Ethernet cable must not be coming from the same router as the first device.

Should I use both Ethernet Ports?

The motherboard facilitates you with two LAN ports so that you can plan to make a small network where you can share your files, internet connection, and printer, etc.

You don’t need to purchase a router and the computer itself works as a router, routing data from one interface to another. 

Another major purpose is to achieve efficiency that’s why simple computers come with 2 Ethernet Ports and the computers for enterprise-level come with at least four Ethernet ports. 

How do I connect two Ethernet Connections faster? 

Channel bonding is used to connect two Ethernet connections on your PC. Speedify is the best bonding VPN that provides a stable connection. Not only that, Speedify keeps an eye on the network strength. 

If one of the networks gets down, it quickly pushes all the traffic to the other one, and because of it, you never encounter any dropped calls or hindrance in live video streaming.

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Final Words

The above explanation gives a detailed answer on how to use dual gigabit ethernet ports. A Dual Gigabit Ethernet card is built for enterprise-level organizations and has so much more into it so that organizations can use it to its maximum performance. 

Not all Ethernet ports serve the same purpose as some are specifically built to maximize data transfer speed per second. This increases the performance of your network. Some help in reducing the workload in extreme conditions by taking charge of the TCP/IP network. 

While choosing a dual gigabit Ethernet cable, you must be clear about your requirements and must keep an eye on the speed, reliability, and performance it provides.