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How to Clean a Brushed Aluminum Laptop? [2 Best Methods]

Brushed aluminum holds unparalleled beauty in the eyes of the beholder. The shine and visibility of fine curves make it a preferred material for the chassis of high-end laptops.

But, like every other gadget in the house, such laptops also tend to get dirty. And if we are not conscious enough about taking optimal care of brushed aluminum bodies, then be ready to say goodbye to its luster.

Apart from this, there are hygienic, budget, and performance factors that put further stress on the need for cleaning and proper care of the high-end devices.

Cleaning a brushed aluminum laptop is not as simple as cleaning your utensils or room. With a complex electronics structure, you need to have a solid idea of the procedure.

Do not worry, we have got it covered in our article. Read on to learn more about “How to clean your brushed aluminum laptop?


Why Brushed Aluminum Laptops Require Cleaning?

While it is necessary to have high-end gadgets like Brushed Aluminium laptops, it is equally important to take proper care and ensure good cleaning. The following list justifies the same:

  • The frequent touchpoints on gadgets become home to viruses, bacteria, and contaminants that have the potential to make you sick. The cycle of touches allows pathogens to enter inside in ways unimaginable. And with the pandemic in the air, you would surely not want to invite COVID-19 inside your home. 
  • With time, the dust pile enters within the circuit of the laptop and hinders its performance. This results in premature damage of the components and adds up to your maintenance costs for the device.
  • Smudges, scratches, dust, dirt, and spots take away the looks of the gadget with time. It means if you have invested a good amount in sleek and classy designs, then such elements would dampen their worth. 
  • Brushed aluminum is defined by its special finish, and is one of the primary USPs on any gadget. 

Thus, instead of panicking at the end moment, you must inculcate good habits from the beginning.  

2 Methods of Cleaning Brushed Aluminum Laptop

Method 1 of 2: Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning of the brushed aluminum laptop comes in cases when you wipe the surfaces at regular intervals (daily, weekly, bi-weekly). It is a simplistic way of cleaning, without much input on sophisticated tools and cleaning agents. 

What Kind of Dirt Will Be Treated in Regular Cleaning?

  • Accumulated dust and dirt due to exposure to the environment. 
  • Tough grimes, i.e. dirt which is ingrained over any particular corner or surface.
  • Small spots and marks lower the shine of brushed aluminum. 

Items and Tools You’d Need

With these simple items and tools, it will be easy to clean your brushed aluminum laptop. Just as it’s easy to clean your CPU with an alcohol wipe.

The following list details the steps under it:

  • If you are wiping off any regular dust and dirt from the exposed surfaces, then use a damp cloth that has the properties of cleaning metals. It is an easy process that wipes off such particles from the surface.
  • If you are looking to clean any grimes that do not diminish despite gentle wiping, then go for using a non-scratch scouring pad. It behaves like a sponge and is made up of strong fibers that do not wither and rust with time.
  • If you want to sparkle the surface of your brushed aluminum laptop, then use a cleaning solution. Just spray it on the required portions, allow it to settle for 30 seconds-1 minute, and then wipe with a dry cloth. 

This method is also common to answering the FAQs on other electronic items, like How to clean tempered glass on the LCD screen

Safety Tips and Precautions

  • Do not use scouring pads or sponges made out of abrasive materials, like copper, steel wool, SS, etc. It would create unwanted scratches on the surface.
  • Be very sure of checking the compatibility of the cleaning solution with aluminum before usage. Otherwise, it may cause unwanted reactions and lead to permanent spots.
  • Be very gentle while wiping delicate surfaces, like the keyboard or scroll pad.  

Method 2 of 2: Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning of brushed aluminum is the next level of regular cleaning. It involves activities like removal of oxidation layer on the surface, polishing, maintaining the surface smoothness, and scratch removal. 

This process asks for expertise on special cleaning tools and solutions, unlike the regular one. 

What Kind of Dirt Will Be Treated in Deep Cleaning?

  • Tough stains and grease.
  • Oxidized surfaces (areas where you find dull patches).
  • Black patches that affect the surface finish.
  • Scratches. 

Items and Tools You’ll Need

The following list shows the different steps of deep cleaning for brushed aluminum:

  • For removing any kind of tough greases or stains caused by an accidental drop of food or drinks, use a non-scratch scrubbing pad. It can cut through the grease layers without hampering the surface finish. Pour a little amount of hot water or dishwasher solution for quick removal before scrubbing. 
  • Mild acidic-based solutions, like vinegar, have proven effects of cleaning the dull oxides on aluminum. Spray the required amount on a dry cloth and rub it gently on the surface. With some precautions, you can use WD40 too. But don’t use WD40 on your keyboard because it will damage it.
  • Aluminum scratch remover can help in eliminating the marks on the brushed surfaces. Just spray the required cleaner, and wipe it off slowly. 
  • In case of polishing or surface smoothness, use metal polishes. Apply the required amount, and then wipe it in circular motions. Repeat until you observe the original shine. 

Safety Tips and Precautions

  • Do not use abrasive pads for removing grease and other sticky substances. They may damage the base material.
  • Ensure that the pH of the acidic solutions is within the requisite limit.
  • Do not use boiling hot water, as it may damage the circuits. Limit the temperature to lukewarm or mildly hot. 
  • Do not use excessive force while wiping. Electronics items are sensitive to excessive force.

Thus, follow either of the steps if you have any concerns like how to remove scratches from the brushed aluminum laptop.  

How Often Do You Need to Clean Brushed Aluminum Laptop?

As you use laptops for your everyday activities, it is very important to keep them clean at regular intervals. Especially in these tough times, where the deadly virus can transmit easily through frequently touched surfaces. 

Therefore, maintain the following period for cleaning:

  • Wipe the frequent touchpoints every day, before turning on and after turning off the system. It is very important to kill any hidden pathogens and break the cycle of transmission by touching other surfaces like mobile screens, doorknobs, utensils, etc.
  • Go for bi-weekly deep cleaning to protect the brushed aluminum surface from dull patches. This would maintain the luster of the metal, and render the brand-new shiny look always.
  • If you drop any food or drink, then wipe it off immediately with the appropriate technique mentioned above. Any delay would leave a permanent stain on the surface, and may not get removed even after repeated wiping.
  • Use the cleaning solution regularly to fix pressure spots on the LCD screen of the laptop. It would not hinder the screen visibility.

On a simple note, do not compromise when it comes to cleaning the brushed aluminum laptop. Remember that you invested a good amount in getting such a high-end gadget, and any miss can turn dear. 

Tips to Prevent It from Getting Dirty Too Fast

Prevention is always better than cure. Therefore, as a proud owner, you need to follow some steps to ensure that the brushed aluminum laptops do not get dirty too fast:

  • Wipe the surfaces every day before and after usage. It would avoid the regular dust and dirt sticking on the surface and turn to grime. 
  • When not in use, keep the laptop within its protective cover or bag. 
  • Try to avoid using your laptop in a very dirty environment, like shop floors, construction sites, etc. It may cause the minute dust particle to enter inside the cooling system.
  • At least once a month, unscrew your laptop and wipe off any hidden dust inside. These minute particles are the primary agents that cause malfunctioning of systems like fan speed, device sound, etc.
  • Do not eat or drink near the laptop. It can cause sticky particles to fall, and get clogged within the keys.
  • Use a keyboard film to avoid the accumulation of dust in between the keys, and eventually damage it. 
  • If required, use a small can of compressed air to clean a brushed metal laptop by removing tiny crumbs and similar nuisance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean an aluminum laptop? 

Follow either of the steps mentioned in the article to clean your aluminum laptop. First of all, check if you want to follow regular or deep cleaning. Accordingly, get the required tools and items. 

How do you remove oxidation from brushed aluminum?

Use mild acidic cleaning agents (vinegar-based) for removing oxidation on brushed aluminum. Oxides being basic get neutralized by these solutions and render the surface as shiny as before. Just be careful of maintaining the pH.  

How to get fingerprints off brushed aluminum? 

Use aluminum cleaners to remove any scratches or fingerprints on the frequently touched surfaces. After spraying the cleaner, wipe the area gently with a dry cloth. Keep it a practice to follow this at least every week.

Can Windex clean aluminum? 

Do not use Ammonia-based solutions like Windex on Aluminium. Even though it helps in cleaning grimes and tough stains, long-term usage can tarnish the finish and render black spots.  

Final Words

Therefore, the final verdict states that brushed aluminum laptops are sensitive to their surroundings. As they are priced heftily, the users need to take proper care and give value to every penny invested. Lack of cleaning can lead it to lose its shine with time, and even spread diseases via the hidden pathogens. 

So, follow the required steps of regular and deep cleaning. Give value to your gadget, and it would come back to you with high performance and long-lasting nature. Follow our blog for more of such articles. Till then, stay safe!