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Can You Use Intel CPU With AMD Motherboard? (Full Answer)

Whether you are a tech nerd or a newbie in the customized PC world, you must have thought of using an Intel CPU with an AMD motherboard.

Well, the idea of using a different CPU with a different motherboard may seem exciting, but it’s important to understand if this combination will work or not!

Can you use Intel CPU with an AMD motherboard? The short answer is no. You cannot use an Intel CPU with an AMD motherboard and vice versa. And the reason is the difference in the connecting sockets.

We’ve explained the reason in detail below in the article, so read further to understand why this combination won’t work.

If you have an Intel CPU, you have no other choice but to use an Intel-compatible motherboard, and the same goes for the AMD CPU.

This article rounds up more information about why you can’t use an Intel CPU with an AMD motherboard.

Moreover, the post covers a list of compatible motherboards to use with Intel and AMD CPUs.

Let’s dive right in!


Why You Can’t Use Intel Cpu With AMD Motherboard?

The most evident reason you cannot put an Intel CPU with an AMD motherboard is that AMD processors have pins on the CPU and not on the socket.

amd motherboard

Therefore, the motherboards for AMD processors have sockets with pin receivers. AMD Processors mostly use PGA (Pin Grid Array) sockets.

The brand is using the PGA design-based processors in their Ryzen 3,5,7,9 and Athlon processors. You can find some of them in our epic buying guide on this year’s best processors under $300.

On the other hand, Intel Processor uses LPA (Land Grid Array) sockets in all the CPUs. The processor does not have pins, but the sockets have them, which makes them opposite to what AMD offers.

As a result, you won’t be able to use an Intel CPU with an AMD motherboard and vice versa.

What Happens If You Try to Use an Intel CPU with an AMD Motherboard?

If you force install an Intel CPU on an AMD motherboard, you will end up with a slew of bent pins, a useless motherboard, and a useless processor as well.

broken computer

It’s not a good idea to install an Intel CPU with an AMD motherboard because these components are not compatible with each other.

So, If you care about your CPU (no matter if it’s expensive or below $200) and motherboard, better don’t make crazy experiments.

And if you like to see how to properly take care of your motherboard, check out this article that shows how to clean it with wd40.

Which Motherboard is Best for an AMD CPU and an Intel CPU?

As we answered the question, “can you use Intel CPU with AMD motherboard”, with a no, it’s crucial to know the best motherboards and CPUs to use together?

Well, we have done extensive research to figure out the most-compatible CPU and processor combinations that work seamlessly.

The Best Motherboards for an Intel I5-9600

MotherboardsWhy Is It a Good Choice?
ASUS ROG Strix B550-F Gaming Wi-FiAmazing Performance 
ASRock B550 Phantom Gaming 4/ACValue for Money
MSI MPG Z390 GAMING PRO CARBON ACFor High-end Customization

Read more on Intel’s official website to know about the compatible motherboards with the Intel i5 and i7 processors. Check out the compatible socket on the mobo.

The Best Motherboards for an AMD Processor

MotherboardsWhy Is It a Good Choice?
MSI Z97-GAMING 5 (106)Suitable for Manual Overclockers
Asus MAXIMUS VII HERO (100)Value for Money
Asus Z97-A (102)Best Performance Motherboard

Check out the list of compatible motherboards on AMD’s official website to choose an amazing motherboard for your CPU. And if you’re looking for your next CPU, check out this article that discusses the top CPUs for multitasking in 2022.

Looking for a sleek gaming CPU – check out the most suitable processors for COD Warzone.

A Brief Difference Between Intel and AMD CPUs

Now that you know, an Intel CPU only works with an Intel Core Processor, and the same goes with the AMD! But the question that still arises in mind is which CPU performs better.

Whether you are looking to build a PC or just want to upgrade your machine, here’s a brief comparison between Intel and AMD processors.

To make things easier, we have presented the information in a tabular form. So, skim through the table and choose the right processor for your needs.

Pros and Cons: Intel Processors

Check out the table below:

They are more affordable than AMD processorsPer-core performance isn’t impressive
The processors have around 12coresNo integrated GPU
Lower TDP 
Perfect for everyday computing 
Better availability and compatibility 

 Pros and Cons: AMD Processors

And now let’s see what’s good and what’s bad in AMD Processors:

Better per-core performanceHigher TDP
These processors have integrated GPULower thermal throttle
Cluster threading or paired cores for multithread 
Perfect for everyday computing 
Most of the CPUs support the same motherboard. 

I would say there’s a tie between the Intel and AMD processors because both have their own pros and cons.

Some love Intel CPUs for their amazing thermal throttle, whereas some prefer AMD CPUs because of the amazing overclocking.

The choice ultimately depends on what your end requirements are.


Can You Switch From Intel To Amd?

Yes, you can switch from Intel to AMD, but the process should be gradual. Furthermore, there are a plethora of things to keep in mind, such as backing up the data beforehand to keep it secure.

Do I need to reinstall Windows when changing from Intel to AMD?

As you are switching to a different brand, it would be great to reinstall your Windows. Back up the data first, and then proceed with reinstalling the OS. Watch this video for more details on that.

Does changing the motherboard affect Windows 10?

You are not changing the hard drive or the solid-state drive, thus changing the motherboard won’t affect Windows. When you reconnect the components, you’ll get the OS with the previous settings. However, we recommend reinstalling the Windows when you change a motherboard.

Can you put an i7 in an AMD motherboard?

Nope, you cannot put an Intel i7 in an AMD Motherboard because of the difference in the socket and the connecting pins.