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Can You Use a Magnetic Screwdriver To Build a Computer?

If you are planning to build your PC and are worried to use a magnetic screwdriver to build it, we are here to help you with that. 

There are many cases where you can use magnetic screwdrivers to significantly reduce your work and time when building a PC.

On the other hand, there are a few cases where using a magnetic screwdriver for the job can harm your PC. 

So, can you use a magnetic screwdriver to build a computer?

Yes, you can use a magnetic screwdriver to build your dream computer. It is safe as long as you use it with caution. The magnetic screwdriver ensures that screws are kept at the tip of the screwdrivers, which you can easily use to install to your PC. It is also recommended to keep the magnetic screwdriver away from the hard drive and inner circuitry, as they are electrically sensitive.

Read on for more details!


What Is a Magnetic Tip Screwdriver?

A magnetic screwdriver comprises two essential components that make it capable enough to build a PC. These two components include a head consisting of a magnetic steel blade and a shaft. 

The shaft is supported with a handle, usually made of wood or plastic so that you can hold this magnetic tip screwdriver easily.

These magnetic screwdrivers prove to be very helpful when building a PC, as they can easily take screws out from the areas you think are inaccessible. 


You must have experienced this scenario either when you searched out or went to an expert/electrician to make things work out for you, and you saw them using these magnetic screwdrivers to build a PC.

With this special magnetic screwdriver, you can easily take the screws out of your PC by just holding this screwdriver in hand and using it properly.

You will find it significantly accommodating when you use it to take out a screw from an area of your PC where you can’t put your hand, and you need to take that specific screw out of your PC. 

Magnetic screwdrivers are not only important to unscrew the screws, but they also help you when you have to put the screws back in place.

How Do Magnetic Tip Screwdrivers Work?

You must have gone through this difficulty in your life when you took out a screw from your PC, and you lost it in a moment when you had to place it back.

The magnetic screwdrivers help in dealing with this situation as well. 

A magnetic screwdriver can keep a screw attached to its tip as long as you take time to place it back into the required position.

Now, you will not lose the screws anymore. You can also use this screwdriver to take the steel screws from a bin rather than a PC.

Best Magnetic Tip Screwdrivers For PC Building?

Undoubtedly, a magnetic screwdriver is an obvious requirement when you plan to build a PC.

Your time will be significantly saved as you can collect all the screws on the tip of the magnetic screwdriver and install them back onto the required location.

Screwdrivers in Screwdriver box

Let’s talk about the most useful magnetic screwdrivers in the market , so you can choose a good match for you. 

  1. Powerpoint Mini Electric Screwdriver
  2. Dremel Cordless Electric Screwdriver
  3. Senco, DS440AC, Screwdriver 80 in 1 Kit
  4. Esup 6089A 45 in 1 with 42 Bit Magnetic Driver Kit
  5. XOOL 80 in 1 Precision Screwdriver 

We will discuss the detailed features of each of these magnetic screwdrivers in a later section.

Four Reasons To Use A Magnetic Screwdriver to Build a Computer

Magnetic screwdrivers can significantly reduce your work while building a PC. Let’s see how in the video below.

Now let’s examine four logical reasons for using a magnetic screwdriver to build a PC.

It’s Practical

A big question that is always raised when we talk about building a PC using a set of magnetic screwdrivers is whether it is safe to use them.

Always remember, a PC majorly consists of many screws ranging from tiny ones to bigger ones. 

That’s why it is always essential to have a set of magnetic screwdrivers when you are working on building a PC.

With the help of a magnetic screwdriver set, you can easily place all the screws on the tip of the screwdriver and easily put them back in their respective locations. What an easy fix it is!

Reduces Time And Effort

While building a PC, you must have noticed that the screws are of the same color as that of the specific part of the PC.

In this case, when you lose a screw, you have to place a new screw instead of the previous one, so the color problem arises.

That’s another reason you always need to have a set of screwdrivers before unscrew the PC. 

With a set of screwdrivers at home, you can freely work on building a PC; keep all the screws on the tip of your magnetic screwdriver, and that’s all—no worries about losing a colored screw now.

Comfort Of Use 

These magnetic screwdrivers come with a very comfortable grip, so you can hold them while working for long hours without getting tired.

Magnetic Tip Screwdriver use

These screwdrivers have a smooth surface so that you can push them forward and backward easily. 

The tips of the magnetic screwdriver work as a storage area for storing screws. When you buy a magnetic screwdriver, always make sure that the screwdriver bits are magnetized. 


Some magnetic screwdrivers come with electric precision. Now, a magnetic screwdriver can not only perform the above task, but can also do electrical operations.

Some people think that such a magnetic driver can cause damage to their PC, but that’s not true. 

The only thing that we recommend to care about is keeping your magnetic screwdriver bits away from the hard drive and inner circuitry.

When You Shouldn’t Use Magnetic Tip Screwdrivers?

There are some instances, where using a magnetic screwdriver to build a PC is not a good idea, no matter if it’s for building a computer or for any other job.

Let’s see them below.

Electrically Sensitive Devices

For example, if you know a device that is electrically very sensitive, then do not go for using a magnetic screwdriver on it since you can damage it.

Boy checking electrical device

Keep in mind, a magnetic screwdriver works for removing screws that are made of steel. 

If you are trying to use a magnetic screwdriver on a material made of aluminum or copper, you won’t get the desired outcome. This is because these metals cannot attract magnets. Also, keep your magnetic screwdriver away from your SSD if possible.

Data Loss

Some people are against using a screwdriver to build a PC, as they claim that their data stored on the hard drive was erased after using it. 

No doubt, the data loss nightmare can happen. However, it is highly unlikely that a magnetic screwdriver can cause this.

worried man

A hard drive or a hard disk is always stuck down in a metal fixing and has a considerable distance between the PC cover and the metal casing of the hard drive, so the magnetic screwdriver can not reach the hard drive to destroy it. 

Rather, you should be more careful not to touch the temporary memory, i.e., ROM, motherboard, SSD, and BIOS, although they are also protected against electricity.

There is a risk of erasing out of data involved in the storage mediums that are not fully sealed.

There comes a magnetic field in the magnetic tip of the screwdriver, which causes ferromagnetic waves in the materials it is connected to. 

If this magnetic field is vast, and you take this screwdriver near a hard drive that is not sealed, it can erase some stored bits, but in most cases, this magnetic field is shallow. 

A magnetic screwdriver can also put some PC components at risk, which need a magnetic field to work. However, this is a rare case.

Nowadays, PCs and laptops come with many magnets inside, and these magnets are there to keep the lid of your laptop off. 

These magnets’ magnetic field is comparatively much more robust than a magnetic screwdriver field, and generally, these magnets can do little to no harm to your PC.

That’s why it’s safe to use a magnetic screwdriver for a laptop as well.

Recommended Magnetic Tip Screwdrivers To Use

What are the best magnetic screwdrivers that are safe and useful.

When there are many magnetic screwdrivers in the market, it is always challenging to choose the best one, and that’s why we are here to help you out. 

Let’s discuss the best magnetic screwdrivers that can perform multiple tasks.

Powerpoint Mini Electric Screwdriver

This screwdriver comes with a magnetic screwdriver set of 55 precision bits, and all of them have the feature of magnetic conductance. Not only that, but it comes with a PC build kit too.

This screwdriver is an electric screwdriver for PC building and comes with a small-sized battery so that you can use them for a more extended period as well.

This screwdriver is just the size of a pencil and is very handy. 

Dremel Cordless Electric Screwdriver

Looking for a very versatile screwdriver that can help build a PC and adjust it as well, this screwdriver is just the best to have.

Electric Screwdriver

This screwdriver comes with a battery and is very lightweight, too, so you can use it easily at home. 

The brand has a big name in making reliable products and provides this product with a 2-year warranty.

Esup 6089A 45 in 1 with 42 Bit Magnetic Driver Kit

If you want to have a screwdriver for your small daily tasks and build your PC, this is for you. This product comes with an easy grip and a metallic style. 

This screwdriver comes with a 45 in 1 with 45 Bit Magnetic Driver Kit. The best part is that this one is at a very affordable price.


Why do magnetic screwdrivers attract steel?

A magnetic screwdriver has a blade attached with it made up of steel. That’s the reason, always use a magnetic screwdriver on metals rather than using them on aluminum and copper materials.

Can I use a magnetic screwdriver for the computer?

Magnetic screwdrivers are not strong enough to do any considerable damage to your PC since the storage components of a PC are always covered in sealed parts, thus leaving a rare chance to do any harm.

Is it wrong to use a magnetic screwdriver on a computer?

No, it is just a myth that a screwdriver can cause damage to your computer or hard drive. Only a device with a powerful magnetic field can destroy your hard drive. A magnetic screwdriver has a minimal magnetic field.

Final Words 

To confirm once, again, magnetic screwdrivers are safe when used for building a computer as long as you are cautious enough.

Magnetic Screwdriver

Now you know why you should be using a magnetic screwdriver for building your PC and how such a tool can increase the productivity and the quality of your work.

Remember to always do your research before buying a screwdriver for your PC or laptop and to pay attention not to keep the magnetic bits close to exposed circuitry and your hard drives.