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The Best AMD FX Processor in 2021

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AMD FX processor series debuted in the year 2011, and from that year till now, it has made its mark in computer history. In the current scenario, if we compare the FX processor vs Ryzen, undoubtedly, Ryzen is an advanced one as it is one of the latest offerings by AMD. But, there are a lot of users who still prefer to use FX series processors as they are powerful and economical.

Make an AMD FX CPU comparison with other processors. You’ll find a lot of users will support the FX series as it offers speed without sacrificing performance for economy. 

Whether you want to perform 3D designing, fast rendering of long videos, video mixing, and editing, or want to enjoy a high-end gaming experience with excellent graphics, the best FX CPU can handle it all. 

So, today in this article, we will look at the list of best FX processors and find answers to various questions:  What is the best AMD FX processor? Which is the best AMD FX processor for gaming? Which is the best FX processor in 2021? Which is the fastest AMD FX CPU?  So, let’s get started.

Best AMD FX Processors in 2021

1. AMD CPU FX-8350 With Wraith Cooler

SpecificationsAMD CPU FX-8350
CPU Socket TypeSocket AM3+
Operating Frequency4.0 GHz
Max. Turbo Frequency4.2 GHz
L2 Cache8MB
L3 Cache 8MB
Memory TypeDDR3-1866
Memory Channel2
Manufacturing Technology32nm
Thermal Design Power (TDP)125W

AMD CPU FX-8350, code-named Vishera, built using “Piledriver” microarchitecture, is a flagship AMD FX processor known for its outstanding performance and improved energy efficiency. With massive 8 cores, the processor makes sure that you have a rich and crisp video quality along with seamless multitasking.  When an application needs much more than normal operating frequency, the AMD Turbo CORE Technology pushes the frequency to 4.2 GHz. 

 With the excellent multithreading capacity and highest clock rate in its category, this AMD processor is simply unbeatable. Making the processor operation even more smooth and silent, it comes paired with an AMD Wraith cooler which is virtually silent. It is an attractive-looking cooler with backlit illumination along with an alluring fan shroud. 

To give you an overclocking advantage, the processor is equipped with an unlocked clock multiplier. Furthermore, the processor comes with some additional features in the form of Advanced Vector Extensions (AVX), Floating-Point Vector Multiply-Accumulate (FMA4), and eXtended Operations (XOP), as well as Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). 

AVX increases the parallelism for using 3D and Scientific applications. FMA4 and XOP help in improving the throughput and makes integer and floating-point vector functions perform better. The AES ensures improved performance on encryption applications. 

Such a tremendous operating frequency generated using multiple cores and threads with better cooling performance and overclocking enabled makes this processor one of the fastest AMD FX CPUs.

2. AMD FX-6300 6-Coer Processor

SpecificationsAMD FX-6300
FX Processor Socket Type Socket AM3+
Operating Frequency3.5 GHz
Max. Turbo Frequency4.1 GHz
L2 Cache3 x 2MB
L3 Cache 8MB
Memory TypeDDR3-1866
Memory Channel 2
Manufacturing Technology32nm
Thermal Design Power95W

Take your PC’s multitasking abilities to the next level with the AMD FX-6300 processor’s “Bulldozer” architecture working on 6-cores with 6 threads. The processor operates at 3.5GHz, which can automatically boost up to 4.1GHz, when needed, using the AMD Turbo CORE Technology.

It is an unlocked processor which allows the user to enjoy the maximum tunable performance. Overclocking using this CPU has become easy using the AMD Overdrive technology along with AMD Catalyst Control Center software suites.

The 32nm die shrink is designed in such a way that it reduces any leakage for improving the overall efficiency along with maximizing clock rate and making the thermals better. 

The additional features of the processor include:

  • New instruction capabilities in the form of AVX, FMA4 and XOP, and AES.
  • AMD balanced smart cache improves pre-fetch and scheduling capabilities.
  • Integrated DRAM controller paired with AMD Memory Optimizer Technology for optimized memory use.

3. AMD  FX-9590 8-Core Processor

SpecificationsAMD  FX-9590
CPU Socket TypeSocket AM3+
Operating Frequency4.7 GHz
Max. Turbo Frequency5.0 GHz
L2 Cache8 MB
L3 Cache8 MB
Memory Type DDR3-1866
Manufacturing Technology32nm
Thermal Design Power220W

AMD  FX-9590 processor is the fastest AMD FX CPU and is an ideal emphatic performance statement for gaming lovers who seek ultra-high definition gaming experience. 

The massive 4.7GHz of operating frequency churned out of 8-cores of the processor takes the multitasking, media, and gaming performance to the next level.

Sometimes, the workload on the CPU may be too much that it can hamper the performance. But that’s not the case with this processor. By using AMD turbo CORE 3.0 technology, the performance of the CPU core gets dynamically optimized up to 5.0 GHz. 

The processor is unlocked to compliment overclocking. For quick access to system I/O to make the performance even better, there is the use of Hypertransport technology. 

To make proper allocation of workload across the cores, the processor comes equipped with an Integrated DRAM Controller with AMD Memory Optimizer Technology. The integrated memory controller has got high bandwidth with low latency and supports DDR3-1866. 

The processor even flaunts AMD Virtualization (AMD-V) technology with IOMMU. It ensures the performance, reliability, and security of the virtualization environment by allowing quick and direct access of virtualized applications to the allocated memory. 

All these outstanding features, specifications, and performance make this processor one of the best FX CPU for gaming.   

4. AMD FX-8300 Octa Core Processor

SpecificationsAMD FX-8300
CPU Socket TypeSocket AM3+
Operating Frequency3.3 GHz
Max. Turbo Frequency4.2 GHz
L2 Cache4 x 2MB
L3 Cache8 MB
Memory TypeDDR3 1866
Memory Channel 2
Manufacturing Technology32nm
Thermal Design Power95W

Unlock the maximum performance on your desktop PC using the AMD FX-8300 Vishera Desktop Processor. 

The processor is based on “Bulldozer” architecture with 8-cores delivering a blistering speed of 3.3GHz. It offers an aggressive performance for high-end video editing and 3D modeling applications. Each core delivers supreme power, which makes mega-tasking smooth and convenient. 

Some applications demand additional speed and performance than usual. Well, that can be dealt with with ease using the AMD Turbo Core Technology 2.0. It gives a speed burst of up to 4.2 GHz when needed. 

The 32nm die shrink is optimally designed to increase clock rate headroom along with better thermals and increased efficiency. The processor even features a dedicated L2 and L3 cache of up to 8MB each. 

The CPU is offering an increased performance with multiple cores without raising the power requirements. It has a TDP of 95W only. 

All in all, the AMD FX-8300 processor enables you to run even the most demanding applications with ease and perform multitasking with astounding speed. 

 5. AMD FX-6120 Desktop CPU

SpecificationsAMD FX-6120
CPU Socket TypeSocket AM3+
Operating Frequency3.6 GHz
Max. Turbo Frequency4.2 GHz
L3 Cache8 MB
Memory TypeDDR3
Manufacturing Technology32nm
Thermal Design Power95W

With a decent desktop performance, AMD FX-6120 CPU is an efficient FX processor. Based on Zambezi architecture with Socket AM3+, the processor flaunts 6-cores working with 6 threads. 

The workload can easily be managed using this processor as it operates at a speed of 3.6 GHz. Depending on the workload, the speed can be boosted up to 4.2 GHz. Such a great speed can be achieved using a limited TDP of 95W. 

The memory allocation of the processor is also pretty good, with 8 MB of L3 cache. If you want to simplify overclocking, the unlocked processor can help you out to easily adjust to any overclocking frequency. 

The processor is capable of supporting DDR3 memory with a dual-channel interface. The connection can be established with other components of the machine using the PCI-Express Generation 2 connection. 

To complement the calculations of heavy applications, AVX runs on this processor. Hardware virtualization is also there to improve the overall virtual experience. 

However, the processor lacks an integrated graphics card which you need to purchase separately.

6. AMD FX-6100 6-Core Processor

SpecificationsAMD FX-6100
CPU Socket TypeSocket AM3+
Operating Frequency 3.3 GHz
Max. Turbo Frequency3.9 GHz
L2 Cache6 MB
L3 Cache8 MB
Memory TypeDDR3 1866
Manufacturing Technology32nm
Thermal Design Power95W

Are you fed up with your lagging old CPU? Well, now work smoothly without any lag using the AMD FX-6100 processor. Get the taste of unrestrained power and experience unmatched multitasking performance with this 6-core desktop processor based on “Bulldozer” architecture. 

You can even push the core to its limit when you need it using the AMD Turbo CORE Technology. The processor is unlocked, too, which means overclocking can be done with convenience.

In addition to this, the 32nm die shrink keeps up the efficiency and also enhances the clock speed and thermals too.

If you are using heavy scientific or 3D modeling applications, then this processor can allocate the entire workload appropriately on each core to run everything smoothly. Making an addition to the performance is the smart cache with L2 and L3 of 6MB and 8MB, respectively.

AMD virtualization technology is also incorporated in this processor to give you the experience of an astonishing virtual environment. 

The processor comes with an integrated memory controller with high bandwidth and low latency that supports DDR3-1866.  

The good thing about this processor is that all these unbelievable performance and features come at a reasonable price.

7. AMD FX-8120 8-Core Processor

SpecificationsAMD FX-8120
CPU Socket TypeSocket AM3+
Operating Frequency3.1 GHz
Max. Turbo Frequency4 GHz
L2 Cache8 MB
L3 Cache8 MB
Manufacturing Tech32nm
Thermal Design Power125W

If we compare AMD FX vs Intel processors, Intel processors are generally faster. But, when it comes to multitasking, AMD FX Bulldozer chips are the king. One such chip based on “Bulldozer” architecture is the AMD FX-8120 processor. 

The processor flaunts 8-cores, and each one of the cores runs at a speed of 3.1GHz. The setup of these cores is such that there are four modules of 2-cores each. In addition to this, each core has got its own level 1 cache, and each module of 2-cores share a level 2 cache. Then, all the four modules have got the access to level 3 cache. As per the company, such a module setup is conducive while running single-threaded apps when only a single core is in use. This gives the core access to a large capacity of level 2 and level 3 caches.  

The user can also take advantage of the boost function that increases the clock speed significantly up to 4GHz.

The processor’s architecture shines when it comes to multi-threaded video-encoding as well as multitasking. The overclocking capabilities are unlocked to give a significant boost to speed and performance, and 32nm die shrink provides impressive energy efficiency. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) By Users

What is an FX Processor?

AMD introduced the FX series of processors in the year 2011 as a line of high-end microprocessors. The company claims that with this series, it rolled out the first native desktop processor with 8-cores. 

At the time of launch, the series came out with “Bulldozer” microarchitecture, code-named Zambezi. But in 2012, another architecture named “Piledriver” was introduced in the FX series, which was code-named Vishera.

The primary goal of these processors was to compete with the lineup of Intel Core desktop processors, specifically Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge architecture.

Are AMD FX Processors good?

Nowadays, the primary emphasis of the users is on performance and multitasking. With that in mind, the AMD FX processors are really good as they are quick, efficient, and powerful. The AMD FX series comes in different core variants, which include quad-core, 6-core, and 8-core.

All the processors in the series use 32nm Silicon-On-Insulator technology and can fit in the motherboard having an AM3+ socket. The processors support DDR3 RAM and have got integrated memory controller with HyperTransport technology.

In addition to this, taking the performance to the next level is AMD’s Turbo CORE Technology. You will also find AMD Virtualization technology along with an Input/Output Memory Management Unit in this series of processors. Not only this, but for better power management, there is the use of Cool’n’Quiet technology by AMD.

All in all, the AMD FX processors have covered each aspect to make the processor best in performance, speed, and power management, and that too at a reasonable price. 

Is AMD FX 6300 a good processor?

AMD FX 6300 processor is one of the favorites for budget gamers. The processor offers 6-cores at a budget-friendly price far less than the expensive Intel processors. 

The processor has got overclocking abilities and is capable enough to offer a base clock speed of 3.5GHz. If needed, a boost can be given to the speed up to 4.8GHz, without heating up the chip. 

AMD FX 6300 supports DDR3-1866 with dual channel and ECC. It also offers L2 and L3 cache of 6MB and 8MB, respectively. It even supports technologies such as AES, AVX, and FMA4. Overall, the processor is power-packed with terrific speed, performance, and multitasking abilities. 

Which AMD FX processor is best for gaming?

When it comes to the best AMD FX processor for gaming, no other processor competes with the AMD FX 9590. With the AM3+ socket support, this processor has got 8-cores with a clock speed of 4.4GHz at normal operations. Boost can be given to the clock speed up to 5GHz. It offers an L2 cache of 8MB and L3 of 8MB too. Additionally, the processor supports DDR3 RAM at 1866 MHz. The CPU is an ideal one to run heavy applications and can be used as an excellent gaming rig. 


For the game lovers and other users involved in video-encoding, editing, and rendering work along with multitasking, who do not have much budget, the AMD FX series is amongst the best choices available. The FX processors are the superior ones in the entry-level market and offer outstanding gaming performance and visual experience at high frame rates. 

All the processors that we listed are amongst the top FX processors. But in our view, considering all the features and specifications that a processor must possess along with the budget factor in mind, AMD FX 8350 is the best FX processor.  It is an 8-core processor that comes with an AMD overdrive system. The user can overclock the CPU from 4.0 GHz up to 4.2GHz. This high-end processor can also work with 4 or 6-cores too to limit the power use.  It offers an L2 and L3 cache of 8MB each and has a TDP of 125W. It can support DDR3 RAM at 1866 MHz. 

Overall, it is a great processor for heavy use and gaming with terrific cooling capabilities and top-notch performance.